Quarter 1: Concept Development and Research ✅

  • Conduct market research to identify target audience and competitors.

  • Define the vision and mission of Hash Fair.

  • Establish the core team and allocate resources.

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology and its application in the online gaming industry.

Quarter 2: Milestones and Achievements ✅

  • Whitepaper Launch - Delivered: Successfully launched the whitepaper, outlining the vision and goals of Hash Fair.

  • Seed Round - Conducted: Successfully conducted a seed funding round, securing support for the project's development.

  • ICO Round - Conducted: Completed the initial coin offering round, raising the necessary capital for further development.

  • Web 2 Games - Delivered: Launched a series of Web 2 games, with 20 games currently live and actively enjoyed by users.

Quarter 3: Delivering Success in Q3 2023 ✅

  • Web 3 Games - Delivered: Delivered Web 3 games built on blockchain smart contracts, with three games already live, providing decentralized gaming experiences.

  • NFT Contracts - Delivered: Successfully deployed seven NFT contracts, enabling users to trade and own unique digital assets.

  • NFT Staking Contracts - Delivered: Implemented NFT staking contracts, allowing users to earn rewards by participating in the ecosystem.

  • Decentralized Dealer Contract - Delivered: Operationalized the decentralized dealer contract, ensuring transparency and fairness in gaming.

Quarter 4: Forward into Q4 2023

  • Expanded Game Library: Continue expanding the game library, introducing new and exciting gaming experiences for users.

  • Enhanced NFT Ecosystem: Further enhance the NFT ecosystem with new features and collaborations to make NFT ownership and trading more engaging.

  • Community Engagement: Focus on building a strong community around HashFair Games with regular events, tournaments, and incentives for users.


Quarter 1: Building the Future

  • Integration with More Blockchains: Expand blockchain compatibility, allowing users to interact with the platform using various blockchain networks.

  • Advanced Smart Contracts: Work on developing more advanced smart contracts to improve the functionality and security of the platform.

  • Partnerships and Collaborations: Seek strategic partnerships and collaborations with other projects and organizations in the blockchain and gaming industry.

Quarter 2: Global Expansion and Regulations

  • Expand the reach of Hash Fair to international markets, complying with local regulations and licensing requirements.

  • Forge strategic partnerships with established online gaming operators and industry influencers to accelerate growth.

  • Continuously monitor and adapt to changing legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure compliance and legitimacy.

  • Conduct regular audits and security assessments to maintain a high level of trust and security for users. Hash Fair's roadmap outlines a comprehensive plan for the development and expansion of our platform in the online gaming industry. By conducting thorough research, building a user-friendly platform powered by blockchain technology, engaging the community through tokenization and NFT integration, and expanding globally while ensuring compliance, we are poised to create a dynamic and trusted gaming experience. Through continuous enhancements, partnerships, and user-driven governance, Hash Fair is committed to becoming a leading player in the industry, offering transparency, fairness, and an immersive environment for gamers worldwide.

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