👷‍♂️The Dealer Contract

The HashFair Dealer Contract is primarily responsible for managing the supply of HFG Tokens and distributing profits among NFT holders. However, it does not directly handle gaming round transactions. The gaming round transactions are typically handled by other contracts or components of the HashFair platform.

In the context of a gaming round, the Dealer Contract may be involved in the following ways:

  1. Token Transfer: When a player participates in a gaming round, they may need to transfer HFG Tokens to a specific contract or address to place their bets. The Dealer Contract can facilitate this token transfer by allowing players to interact with it and transfer their HFG Tokens to the appropriate gaming contract.

  2. Profit Distribution: After a gaming round is completed and profits are generated by the platform, the Dealer Contract receives a portion of these profits from the platform's profit calculation mechanism. The Dealer Contract then distributes a percentage of this profit (usually 1%) among the NFT holders according to their stake in the platform.

  3. Updating Token Balances: As profits are distributed to NFT holders, the Dealer Contract updates the token balances of each holder based on their share of the profit. This ensures that the NFT holders' HFG Token balances accurately reflect their earnings.

It's important to note that the specific implementation and details of gaming round transactions may vary depending on the architecture and design of the HashFair platform. The Dealer Contract's role in gaming round transactions would be defined by the platform's smart contract infrastructure and how it interacts with other components involved in gaming round operations.

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